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Nicolosi Diffuser

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Nicolosi Diffuser

│ Description │

"Romance of Provence is contained in the bottle"
- Nicolosi diffuser, lead diffuser of Nicolosi Corporation
- Herbal fragrance, independently developed, contains romance of Provence.
- Specially designed glass bottle which upgrades the space beautifully and sophisticatedly.
- The scent is elegant and harmless by using natural essential oil and fragrance.

│ Endless leap toward value of precious fragrance │

-'Nicolosi Corporation' is established by Philippe Nicolosiin Provence region.
- Exporting to worldwide countries including Europe, Japan, U.S. and South Africa.
- Recognized through various international expo.
- Providing to France Ritz Carlton Hotel.
- Perfume that the best chef, 'Alain Ducasse' loves.
- Received award of DIPLOME EXCELLENCE ARTISANALE - 2012
- Established research center for fragrance development in Digne les Bains.

│ Philosophy of NICOLOSI │

- Pursuing natural fragrance
- Best quality
- Consistent development of fragrance
- Prioritizing nature, environment

│ SIZE │

- 100ml , 250ml

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Nicolosi Diffuser